Tuesday, October 29, 2019

Waxworks: Curse of the Ancestors

 Waxworks: Curse of the Ancestors - 2019

   Went2Play signed a license agreement with Adventure Soft / Horror Soft to create a new version of their classic horror game from 1992, Waxworks!

   Based on the popular 1992 game developed by Horror Soft, Waxworks: Curse of the Ancestors dares you to take the ultimate quest and discover the secret of the Waxworks and lift the curse of Ixona that plagues your family. Try to ignore the gnawing fear in your gut, the feeling of impending disaster that threatens to overwhelm you. The ghastly exhibits inside hold the key to your fate.
   Explore the intricate passages, alleys, and tunnels that make up the Waxworks –conquer four levels of Pharaoh, Jack the Ripper, Mines and Dracula to be able to catch the Witch and kill her. This is not an easy task and you will have to fight with vicious creatures and mutants, who will be more than happy to rip you apart. This is a true gory horror game, which has no mercy and it follows classic horror movies style from the 80s. Be warned that once you enter an exhibit, the only way out is to solve the puzzle, win a terrible battle, or die a horrible death. When you complete an exhibit, you will be transported back into your Uncle Boris’ wax museum ready for your next adventure. 

   Went2Play LLC thanks to all players, supporters and community that help us to build this game! We also thanks to all former workers that couldn't work with us through all the years for any personal reasons.

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